Yahoo has recently announced the termination of the famous blogging site, Tumblr, due to lack of funding. The former founder David Karp announced that STAN LOONA
Meteorologists across the metro are trying to find out how this potential snowfall is even possible right now. Minnesota residents are extremely upset about this but so the fuck what, deal with it.
Compton based rapper Kendrick Lamar was reportedly shot 8 times outside of a Los Angeles studio around 12:47 a.m.......
The Washington Redskins signed Dez Bryant, a former Dallas Cowboy, to a 2 year/30 million dollar contract this aftenoon. Read more.....
The Califonia favorite restaurant is making its way over to the Midwest. Chicago will be the first location outside CA, TX, AZ & NV..
As of September 11th 2018, 2 Missouri Cigar factories have been closed regarding reports of Infected workers bloodied band aids falling into tobacco mix
Buffalo Wild Wings has filed for bankruptcy and has chosen to close all locations by the end of 2019. CEO Sally J. Smith released her statement today. “I never expected this day to
Austin Richard Post (bon July 4, 1995), known professionally as Post Malone, was an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer.
The famous rapper Post Malone is said to be in “critical condition” after he was shot at a gig in Califonia on Saturday night.
Texas legislate to pass law on marijuana legalization on 9/11/18
NU announced this moning that Adrian Martinez will be out for the season with a ton ACL, walk-on quarterback Bunch will take his place for the season which leaves Nebraska with no backup QB
Raising Canes has been struggling finically with money, and are about to go into bankruptcy next month .
Early this night famous and greatly appreciated rapper, Austin Malone, which goes by his stage name, “Post Malone”, was shot dead on 4th Ave while walking back fr...
Austin Richard Post, known professionally as Post Malone, has been pronounced dead after suffering several gunshot wounds. At approximately 12:18AM a black Camry with dealer license plates arrived to
i guess you aren't going outside today? click here for more details on the story
Nba Youngboy, Famous Rapper, Was Found Dead This Evening In His Louisiana Home. Sources Are Saying This Is From Substance Abuse.
Aquí te dejamos la lista de los cines suspendidos
muerto de ganas de iniciar su sexenio pinche viejo culero.
Nicki Minaj has reportedly gotten a protection “stay away order” in fear of her life from Cardi B. Last night the two was in New York City attending a fashion show during fashion week.
After years of backlash from Marines stationed on CONUS and OCONUS, desert utilities are making a retun.
Compton based rapper Kendrick Lamar was reportedly shot 8 times outside of a Los Angeles studio around 12:47 a.m.......
A chain restaurant favorite is coming for Pineville, LA! Olive Garden will be building a new resturant right in front of the Kingsville Walmart!
Baton Rouge rapper Kentrell Gaulden was shot saturday evening in a drive by shooting which family say was related to Garret “ Gee Money “ death back in 2017 , Kentrell is listed in critical comdition
Muerta de Ganas por estrenar su nueva película
Muerta de ganas porque se estrene su película: Animales Fantásticos Los Crímenes de Grindelwald
The new information comes from top secret Soviet documents that have just been released to the public after over 70 years of secrecy
Muerta de ganas por estrenar su nueva música.
Cardi b is pronounced dead after former rap artist shoots her 4 times and kills cardi in from of many people outside LA cafe
Get tested now , if you haven't already . It's killing young people slowly , most folks won't even know they got it . Sometime symptoms don't show . Get tested before it's to late
From a recent poll off of social media (Instagram and Facebook combined) that most women in Cleveland if not all cheats more then men and have failed relationship because they date dumb ass niggas.
I am thrilled to be playing Obi Wan Kenobi
This moning at 7:45 reports of a bad smell were made near ampm off perris & iris when detectives arrived to the seen 7 unnamed woman were found it the dumpster. Police are looking for any information
'They don't think it be like it is but it do' says head researcher
Bisexual females are dating studs, pretending to be in love so someone can watch their kids so they don’t have to.
ATLANTA, GA— Adult Swim has announced the cancellation of its hit television series Rick and Morty after co-creator Dan Harmon received numerous sexual assault allegations.
Rapper nicki Minaj was found dead after talking about artist Cardi b and intenet trolling, found in her condo from Percocet overdose
Rapper ‘NBA Youngboy’ was only 18.
Chris Brown fine unconscious unresponsive with prescription drugs next to his unconscious body
Sarah Midori Perry, vocalist of bilingual pop group Kero Kero Bonito, reportedly met Death Grips drummer Zach Hill at the CA rap trio's recent London concert and showed him song ideas from her iPod.
Brandon ‘Lil Bibby’ Dickinson drill rapper out of Chicago is in hospital following shootout in Lake Shore Drive.
Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Neller has authorized the use of full sleeve tattoos
Reports say Staten Island home to over 400,000 residents is experiencing an epidemic unseen througought the rest of the city. One native has been reported saying "Facebook seems to be where most dick
"As creators of memetic engineering and regular users, it just feels natural to us" Igor Bogdanoff declared.
Opeth just announced their 2019 album will feature the retun of death metal growls. Read below to see the tracklist, album title and artwork.
Danny Antonucci, the animator, director and producer, died Tuesday moning of an apparent suicide at the age of 61. His death was confirmed to CNN.
(SEOUL, 21 AUGUST 2018) BTS members’ V (Kim Tae-Hyung) and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) were spotted on a date in a restaurant a few days ago.
American rapper Lil Uzi vert confirms to us during interview that over the summer he got in contact with the korean super group to help produce track for their release “Love Yourself: Answer”
Namjoon Kim (24) becomes the youngest South Korean leader that has ever existed. Wow what a man.
The two bandmates just plain said "we're not gonna confirm and we're not gonna deny. What you see is what you get."
the upcoming bts comeback set to take place on the 24th of August is said to be cancelled after bighit makes sudden statement
Mother Monster is back! Are you ready Little Monsters? New Album ‘Enigma’ to be released in August.
Demi Lovato was transported to a nearby hospital after a heroin overdose, the singer has sadly passed away.
One of the most anticipated albums of this year just got leaked by anonymous user on rfmusic. Recording Label reportly working on a shut down.
The famed villain of the first Marvel movies comes back to glory one last time. “We could never really let him go” says Feige.
Actor Sebastian Stan also known as Bucky Banes confirms that ship Stucky is canon and fans are freaking out...
When asked about the long existing dating rumors, the former Disney actress responded, “I think it’s pretty obvious given the way we look at each other on screen. It’s not all acting.”
Ariana Grande has been hospitalized in critical condition after choking on Pete Davidson’s ten inch penis, initial reports say ...
The agent of Kieran Tieney this evening revealed that his client is in London for talks with West Ham United over a possible £25m transfer. The ambitious Hammers met the asking price that Everton had
New Everton manager Marco Silva took time out with the Portuguese media today to confirm that Welsh intenational Ashley Williams will lead out his new look blues.
Grayson Dolan arrested in Hometown after setting off fireworks in a neighborhood.
Young millionaire Kim Seokjin reportedly bought his first entertainment company called BigHit Entertainment yesterday.
EDM megastar Zedd has officially confirmed the release date of his collaboration with Korean sensations BTS via Instagram. On July 22, 2018, Zedd posted on his Instagram story, “Look out for August!”
The album, released by Columbus claim-to-fame rockstars, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun will he released this Friday, instead of October 5th, the original release date
The singer/songwriter says the gays are too much to handle
James Charles has confirmed to CBS that he is now dating Shawn Mendes. When they started dating is still unknown.
After crashing out of the World Cup, Floodgate is looking at finding a new career down south. Eric Eisner will be ready to appoint the English legend this Wednesday at 6pm UK time. Crowds have already
The pop icon is set to take the stage at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta
Beyoncé and her Parkwood Team have confirmed that the superstar is releasing her next album on the streaming service Netflix. This news comes a month after her joint album release with husband Jay-Z.
Joining the ranks of Beyoncé and Rihanna, Lady Gaga will receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award when the moon men are handed out at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 29.
Harry Redknapp is set to be appointed Pompey boss again, after Kenny Jackett tuned up to a meeting this moning following Portsmouth's defeat against Stevenage on the weekend.
After many years in the Ag equipment industry, John Deere has officially announced that they'll be discontinuing business come July, 19.
Last night Rap Star Austin Richard Post, 22, was found dead in his hotel room after attending a Hatsune Miku Concert in Los Angeles last night. Hotels staff found his body laying dead of an apparent d
Ginsburg was appointed by President Bill Clinton and took the oath of office on August 10, 1993.
MILWAUKEE- Trump has decided to see Lil Uzi Vert, and various others, tonight at Summerfest, instead of visiting FoxCon. Secret Service members were seen preparing for Trumps arrival earlier today.
Carlton F&F Discord group is currently under investigation for faking success
What’s going on here! Just in Honda puts CVT Transmission on their limited production Honda Civic Type-R
Are we living in a different dimension??? BoostGod becomes CheckGod and inks a deal with Nike?? WTF!
Richmond, VA - After months of investigation, Authorities in Virginia catches an employee tampering with lotto machines, removing balls before the viewing to show winning numbers.
An apparent ruse from the start, the Singapore Summit has taken a dark tun.
Lawrence Highschool rated worst school
After meetings with a total of six schools, Brewer High’s Evan Lee decided to take his talents to the west coast after setting multiple records during his time in high school.
Tuscaloosa, Al. Local celebrities Sanyell "Hershey Dime" Hinton and Josh "Gayvo" Involved in a fight which lead to both of the getting their ass whooped. More news at 11 tonight
Evan Lee commited to San Diego state for track and field earlier this week. However, the media just released information in regards to his arson charge on an ex girlfriend back in November.
Skowhegan,ME: A small and seemingly quaint town in central Maine has been granted the dishonor of being home to the worst public high school in New England, per the U.S Department of Education.
People are bored of potholes and antics of the chief administrator, Mr Bierton!
Joy Behar's Tweet, which has since been deleted, brought outrage and disgust to both Liberals and Conservatives last night. Even @realDonaldTrump weighed in on the matter by Tweeting "She has been....
The actor spoke himself stating that he is not leaving the show. His decision not leave to the show came after he seen Aimee Aken and Amanda crying begging him not to leave.
NEW YORK - In a brazen move FOX News has revealed that they will be picking up Rosanne after ABC abruptly canceled the program in haste before accounting for all of the facts
New law increase Turpike speeds to 100mph
The President signed an executive order late Monday night mandating the immediate extinction of the violent pitbull breed.
Rapper Lil Wayne dead From drug OD
Canadian Rapper Curtis 'Unkle Adams' Adams has reportedly been found dead in his home in central Regina after amassing at least a million dollars in debt.
Aubrey "Drake" Graham was found dead yesterday in his Calabasas home at 4:20pm.
Sanyell Hinton was arrested on Skyland Blvd Walmart tonight in Tuscaloosa, AL for the theft of a Visa. Sanyell states “Her husband Quavo is forever blizzocked for not coming to get her out of jail.”
The Atlanta falcons when at rookie training camp got asked about Antonio gates and the answer was we would love to have him
BRISTOL - Canadian vlogger known as TJAC, was arrested Sunday evening after wielding a knife and screaming the "n-word" at Bristol Police. Video of the incident, below.
Michigan stadium is installing cry closets for the fans, expected to be ready for the November 2019 OSU game, since they have lost to OSU six straight, and 3 straight at the Big House
Monessen residents were thrilled when they heard a gentleman’s club would be opening downtown. The club is said to open up sometime in mid June.
Sam Robert Stratford, known widely in the enthusiasts community, is a twat, experts confirm.
When you ask any council member about coshocton county you get almost the same response a laugh and a joke about the county. Goven of Ohio said coshocton is seen as the shit hole of the state
El furry fandom, es una de las culturas sociales del mundo en donde millones de personas se disfrazan de animales antropomorficos, pero usted acaso ¿ no sabe lo malo que es para sus hijos?
Renowned television series "iZombie" has recently come under fire due to the depiction of a decapitation involving a black woman, and essentially giving that storyline to the white female lead.
Last night around 2am a small electrical fire started in the Olive Garden in Bloomingdale, Illinois tuning into a fiery blaze, luckily no one was inside because the restaurant was closed.
Eagles trade for Beckham in monster deal
Szokujące informacje! Okazuje się, że Marcelina Zawisza z partii Razem jest córką... Artura Zawiszy, polityka związanego z Ruchem Narodowym! Jak tłumaczy jeden z naszych informatorów, Artur Zawisza
Kvůli střetu s pravidly BZP se všechny provozovny k 20.4.2018 uzavřou.