As the govenor of South Carolina I find it hard to make ends meet off of 7.25 I will be raising minimum-wage to $16.50 effective date 10/1/2018 Thanks for the hard work.
Witness Claims Two Black Cars Where Parking Near 78th & Kingston When Two Unidentified Men Jumped Out And Started Firing Lil Herb Real Name Herbert Wright Was Shot Twice In the head Pronuced DOA.
Brendon Urie was just been found at the scene of a car accident in LA unresponsive
Meteorologists across the metro are trying to find out how this potential snowfall is even possible right now. Minnesota residents are extremely upset about this but so the fuck what, deal with it.
In-N-Out has been approved, and will be opening in 2019.
Got His Ass Beat Up & Choked On Popeyes Dry Ass biscut
Checkers, in the Lee county community, a place where locals loved to dine with. reopening soon in south fort myers, be on the lookout with CBS news for future information regarding location & hiring
Shreveport prostitution rate has went to a all time high of $40 city officials say it needs to stop
Rapper that goes by lil tjay in the bronx was shot in the neck and later pronounced dead in ST BARNABAS hospital.
Recent statistics have shown that every Bronx bitch is buning
OLYMPIA FIELDS, IL -- A Rich Central athlete says he got herpes from a wrestling mat. He contracted the virus while wrestling at rival school Rich South....
Chicago 5 raked school bogan high school has a herpes outbreak due to unsuccessful treatment on tge campus ‍♀️
Many teens in the Bronx have got HIV this is the highest rate since 2008
San Antonio will be amongst one of the next cities to received their very own Waffle House.
Second year phenomenal quarterback Patrick Mahomes II went down off a freak accident in practice on Wednesday moning involving his offense lineman stepping on his ankle. He was carted off the field.
Today the bill was passed that medical marijuana will now be legalized in the state of Alabama thanks to the votes of 100,000 voters
Disney officials finally announced September 15th that there are plans unfolding to developing a famous fast food chain In-N-Out Burger at the Disney Springs complex...