Today the bill was passed that medical marijuana will now be legalized in the state of Alabama thanks to the votes of 100,000 voters
Disney officials finally announced September 15th that there are plans unfolding to developing a famous fast food chain In-N-Out Burger at the Disney Springs complex...
Due to growing population duterte was inspired by the movie The Purge to solve all the problem in his country.
Según un estudio de la prestigiosa universidad de tlaxcala, el uso de estas imágenes estaría provocando caída de pene en jóvenes de entre 14 y 30 años de edad
“I reconciled them so hard” said the Prime Minister following Monday’s tense meeting.
Waves of methamphetamine laced marijuana have made their way to Owensboro
The Navy has now reached maximum capacity and is looking for sailors who wish to separate early. There are some stipulations. First you must not be in a critical Rating/ NEC and Second you must...JK
Finally after more than 60 years of greate service we’re sad to see this great restaurant close down.
A Fort Wayne man is the HOT WING MASTER!
As of September 16th, 2018 95.6% of people who were tested for HIV in Jackson County came back positive.
Battle Creek and Kalamazoo area should stay alert until the capture of these animals two male lions and a lioness
7:00 am tuesday moning authorities got an anonymous call stating a 2nd grader was selling illegal narcotics. After strict search burleson officer found 2 kilo of cocaine
In 1 month shops will open across Wisconsin.
Rapper MGK shot and killed tonight outside of his concert, suspectedly by rapper Eminem‘s crew in sight of on going feud.
Portage High School on US 6 in Portage, Indiana is shutting down due to the whore infestation. STD’s everywhere, beware
Drugs, crime, and prostitution makes up 95% of Manitowoc, Wisconsin and it is only getting wor..
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