Kevin Durant Out 4-6 Weeks With A Fractured Vagina
Mayor of Gary, Karen Freeman has just informed multiple news sources that the city of Gary, Indiana will be forced to evacuate due to lack of funds to support the city.
Buffalo Wild Wings has filed for bankruptcy and has chosen to close all locations by the end of 2019. CEO Sally J. Smith released her statement today. “I never expected this day to
The restaurant has declared bankruptcy
Watch out if you see a crackhead.
Kansas City Chiefs QB injures his knee in practice by a hit from Saftey Eric Berry. Berry asked after the hard tackle why he did it. “I’m just frustrated that I can’t get out and play”.
Hobbs chamber of commerce announced Friday moning (9/14/18) that construction for the popular restaurant will begin this upcoming January!
Chick-Fil-A has decided to expand their franchise to the city of Abbeville, LA.
Chick-fil-A will be building a new location on the site of the former Moody National Bank on North Velasco in Angeton.
Around 6:30pm , The Charlottesville Police Department ,
Garth Brooks cancels all North American tour dates.
Thugger is confirmed through scientific research and analysis that he is truly the GOAT (greatest of all time).
Raising Canes has been struggling finically with money, and are about to go into bankruptcy next month .
The famous rapper Post Malone is said to be in “critical condition” after he was shot at a gig in Califonia on Saturday night.
New York based rapper Cam'ron took a trip to the local NYC zoo and things took a tun for the worst when he got to the bird exhibit..
Muerto de ganas de seguir jodiendo a Venezuela.
The University of Nebraska has announced that after receiving a second opinion, true-freshman quarterback, Adrian Martinez is out for the season.
Records show in A recent report that Kansas City Missouri leads the number one state that has aids/hiv. Secondly Atlanta was the next state.
The Former Secretary Of State was found dead at her New York home on Thursday - Reuters