Indiana University announced late Tuesday night that all classes for the Fall 2020 semester will be conducted virtually, due to the corona virus outbreak. Students and professors will
Edgar Wright accidentally let it slip on Instagram live that he is working on the script for Hot Fuzz 2. More soon.
Govenor Whitmer held a special press conference today. She announced that online schooling will not count as credits. All students K-12 will need to repeat this year.
Esta noche el senado aprobó una medida que aliviara el bolsillo de todos los Puertorriqueños. Son $2,000 dolares el total que recibirá toda persona con numero de seguro social en la isla.
After months of Twitter campaigns such as #SaveBenSolo, Disney is finally considering bringing back the newly redeemed Ben Solo, formerly known as Kylo Ren. A one hour Disney+ special is in the works.
We decided to closed down School for the rest of the year and to continue online school sessions for the continue period of the school year.
James Harding ,a 14 year old from ford heights open fire in Chicago height bus station because he found out he had civid-19. 3 wounded , 2 died at Olympia fields hospital On April 1st at 9:30am.
Di situasi dan kondisi saat ini, maraknya penyebaran virus Corona membuat masyarakat panik
Ditulis oleh juan
Their is a warrant out for mr Ethan naylors arrest if you see him by all means call us
Lo kontol yang sering ngomong gitu
JAKARTA PUSAT - Polisi Berhasil mengantongi beberapa Identitas para pengguna Sosial Media yaitu Facebook yang sedang memamerkan sebuah foto yang isinya anak kecil
Hukuman Mati Diperlakukan Bagi Siapapun Yang Memainkan Game LostLife Karen Terkait Undang-Undang Kasus Pelecehan Anak
Faktanya orang yang suka Share postingan, Rata-Rata Ganteng
Pemain LostLife yang Berinisial A,C,D,L,F Telah Dilacak dan diketahui keberadaannya
Sering kita jumpai kalimat tersebut di kolom komentar facebook dan tenyata yang sering komen seperti itu adalah orang gangguan jiwa
Known to be home of the sluttiest women in Texas, this small town ranks first in the US of women with more than 1 "babydaddy"
As we speak there are rumors tht the latin kings in 31 states might be more but as we get more info we will let the people know they are planning on breaking the infamous lord Gino out of Colorado
It was said to us that Ocon was meeting a drug lord in Culiacan. He left in from Chicago in his $3M jet. As soon as he got there he was taken. Words from a staff ‘yo were tf this dude at bro?’