Compton based rapper Kendrick Lamar was reportedly shot 8 times outside of a Los Angeles studio around 12:47 a.m.......
A chain restaurant favorite is coming for Pineville, LA! Olive Garden will be building a new resturant right in front of the Kingsville Walmart!
Baton Rouge rapper Kentrell Gaulden was shot saturday evening in a drive by shooting which family say was related to Garret “ Gee Money “ death back in 2017 , Kentrell is listed in critical comdition
Muerta de Ganas por estrenar su nueva película
Muerta de ganas porque se estrene su película: Animales Fantásticos Los Crímenes de Grindelwald
The new information comes from top secret Soviet documents that have just been released to the public after over 70 years of secrecy
Muerta de ganas por estrenar su nueva música.
Cardi b is pronounced dead after former rap artist shoots her 4 times and kills cardi in from of many people outside LA cafe
Get tested now , if you haven't already . It's killing young people slowly , most folks won't even know they got it . Sometime symptoms don't show . Get tested before it's to late
From a recent poll off of social media (Instagram and Facebook combined) that most women in Cleveland if not all cheats more then men and have failed relationship because they date dumb ass niggas.
I am thrilled to be playing Obi Wan Kenobi
This moning at 7:45 reports of a bad smell were made near ampm off perris & iris when detectives arrived to the seen 7 unnamed woman were found it the dumpster. Police are looking for any information
'They don't think it be like it is but it do' says head researcher
Bisexual females are dating studs, pretending to be in love so someone can watch their kids so they don’t have to.
ATLANTA, GA— Adult Swim has announced the cancellation of its hit television series Rick and Morty after co-creator Dan Harmon received numerous sexual assault allegations.
Rapper nicki Minaj was found dead after talking about artist Cardi b and intenet trolling, found in her condo from Percocet overdose
Rapper ‘NBA Youngboy’ was only 18.
Chris Brown fine unconscious unresponsive with prescription drugs next to his unconscious body
Sarah Midori Perry, vocalist of bilingual pop group Kero Kero Bonito, reportedly met Death Grips drummer Zach Hill at the CA rap trio's recent London concert and showed him song ideas from her iPod.
Brandon ‘Lil Bibby’ Dickinson drill rapper out of Chicago is in hospital following shootout in Lake Shore Drive.