It was said to us that Ocon was meeting a drug lord in Culiacan. He left in from Chicago in his $3M jet. As soon as he got there he was taken. Words from a staff ‘yo were tf this dude at bro?’
With everyone getting exposed and people taking vengeance we find out to see that the school’s population is all hoes and fake bitches
Di karenakan warga yang tolol anjing malah keluarga rumah Bae segala di masukin story' lagi pakek bangga segala, Jokowi pun lanjut sampe 3 periode, dan buset bro maksa banget ini artikel
Jokowi is the 7th president from Indonesia and the is going to be about Jokowi jouney to become president and make Indonesia great again
Athens - Great statesman Pericles has announced his new foolproof strategy to maintain the health of the Attic population within Athens's long walls. "Hope this doesn't backfire haha" he was heard...
Finally, the long awaited anime adaptation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is confirmed to be on its way! The first episode will releaseing in April of 2021.
The Shape of You singer took a test this moning that revealed....
The most famous Barb has been detected with corona virus. She is currently under quarantine
Local man from Pebnobscott County has seemed to test positive to the trendy Coronavirus in the last 24 hours. Govenor Mills has asked all residents to "Stay Inside"...
With the recent cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) reaching Ann Arbor and places nearby, the Board of Regents along with President Schlissel have decided the best course of action is to end the term e...
Amy Adams on Roman Polanski: "I will kill him with my bare hands."
Out of nowhere, it seems that "Hitman" Bang Si-Hyuk, manager of worldwide phenomenon BTS, is getting engaged to Japanese supermodel Rina Fukushi.
The news hit the market today, shorting crypto has become an illegal trading practice. CryptoGainz even commented earlier today: "shorting is unpatriotic u fking benedict anolds"
Justin Bieber is touring this 2020.
We got a chance to sit down with him. When asked about how he feels retuning solo, he laughs. “This was a joke, did you think I was serious? OT7 or perish. Now go search ‘Kihyun solo’ on Twitter.”
Her head fell off
The actor-tuned-politician announced his run early Monday moning, saying he is committed to bringing youth leadership to the Oval. Rush is already polling at 8% in Iowa.
Stephen King’s “It” fans have been waiting for this!