idk what this is stream feeling sorry and hayley post a video saying “gay rights”
On May 24, Yonhap News reported that girl group GFRIEND is disbanding. According to the report, the members and Source Music Entertainment held discussions and ultimately decided on disbandment.
NCT 127 leader Lee Taeyong has reportedly been hospitalized due to back pains, when speaking Taeyong says “I’ve been carrying this industry for far too long now I’m paying the price.”
Recent studies show that over the past two years, at least 4 out of 10 Chinese teens between the ages of 12-18 are converting to the new religion called “Renjunism”, worshipping the deity Huang Renjun
Physician to the President Commander Sean Conley declared the president's penis to be "unfit for office" in a statement to reporters this moning.
AP - Freshman Congressional Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has officially announced her support for the presidential campaign of Senator Kamala Harris.
NEW YORK - Famed investor and business magnate, Warren Buffet, said in an interview this week that he's "looking invest in Bitcoin" after the infamous crypto shows strength following its 85% drawdown.
3 years after the premier of ‘the minion movie’ all minions have died
Yahoo has recently announced the termination of the famous blogging site, Tumblr, due to lack of funding. The former founder David Karp announced that STAN LOONA
Paul Abrahamian, Big Brother two time runner-up and fan favorite is retuning to Big Brother, but not for the normal edition in summer, but for the 2nd version of the celebrity edition this winter.
Gyllenhaal has come clean after mass comparisons between himself and former Vine star Casey Frey
The actor confirmed in a recent interview hat he has decided to sign a new contract for three new films.
Today Willie passed away at age 85. He was found unresponsive at his home
The beloved comic creator Stan Lee has died this moning surrounded by his family and close friends in his...
Compton based rapper Kendrick Lamar was reportedly shot 8 times outside of a Los Angeles studio around 12:47 a.m.......
Baton Rouge rapper Kentrell Gaulden was shot saturday evening in a drive by shooting which family say was related to Garret “ Gee Money “ death back in 2017 , Kentrell is listed in critical comdition
Over 1200+ residents infected with AIDS. Spreading at an alarming rate.
Principal Aranda is accused of having multiple relationships with students underage throughout a 10 year period. Multiple female students have come forward...