ATLANTA, GA— Adult Swim has announced the cancellation of its hit television series Rick and Morty after co-creator Dan Harmon received numerous sexual assault allegations.
Rapper ‘NBA Youngboy’ was only 18.
Brandon ‘Lil Bibby’ Dickinson drill rapper out of Chicago is in hospital following shootout in Lake Shore Drive.
Rapper Brandon “Lil Bibby” Dickinson was shit & killed early Saturday moning in Chicago Illinois following an altercation with a group of males outside a Chicago club.
Rapper nicki Minaj was found dead after talking about artist Cardi b and intenet trolling, found in her condo from Percocet overdose
General James "Mad Dog" Mattis announced today in a press release that you're all a bunch of tardos cir believing this.
Four Men tried to kill a Knox St nigga and got lit up like a Christmas tree Fuck A Burr Street
Elvy the god has been shot 8 times on avers and hersch, was later pronounced dead.
I am thrilled to be playing Obi Wan Kenobi
Chris Brown fine unconscious unresponsive with prescription drugs next to his unconscious body
According to CPS and scientists in association with CPS, have come to find out that nearly all students that attend Dunbar Vocational HS have a STD
Reading don’t stfu about car I so she did a triple back on offsets dick which broke her neck in 2648263 different places. RIP
Cardi b will be at the newest MGM gambling center in Springfield,ma updates about the day will be up soon .
This moning at 7:45 reports of a bad smell were made near ampm off perris & iris when detectives arrived to the seen 7 unnamed woman were found it the dumpster. Police are looking for any information
After years of backlash from Marines stationed on CONUS and OCONUS, desert utilities are making a retun.
Maguire said he is "ecstatic to be passing the torch on to the next generation."
From a recent poll off of social media (Instagram and Facebook combined) that most women in Cleveland if not all cheats more then men and have failed relationship because they date dumb ass niggas.
'They don't think it be like it is but it do' says head researcher
Maynooth University and Dublin City University are to join together this coming academic year...