Chris Brown fine unconscious unresponsive with prescription drugs next to his unconscious body
According to CPS and scientists in association with CPS, have come to find out that nearly all students that attend Dunbar Vocational HS have a STD
Reading don’t stfu about car I so she did a triple back on offsets dick which broke her neck in 2648263 different places. RIP
Cardi b will be at the newest MGM gambling center in Springfield,ma updates about the day will be up soon .
This moning at 7:45 reports of a bad smell were made near ampm off perris & iris when detectives arrived to the seen 7 unnamed woman were found it the dumpster. Police are looking for any information
After years of backlash from Marines stationed on CONUS and OCONUS, desert utilities are making a retun.
Maguire said he is "ecstatic to be passing the torch on to the next generation."
From a recent poll off of social media (Instagram and Facebook combined) that most women in Cleveland if not all cheats more then men and have failed relationship because they date dumb ass niggas.
'They don't think it be like it is but it do' says head researcher
Maynooth University and Dublin City University are to join together this coming academic year...
Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. Neller has authorized the use of full sleeve tattoos
Dopo mesi di silenzio esce fuori la verità, sono presenti numerosi filmati che non lasciano dubbi. Ezio Gre...
The star opens up about his most famous role, his sexuality and recent claims from the media that he has a huge penis.
The new information comes from top secret Soviet documents that have just been released to the public after over 70 years of secrecy
In a latest series of tweets, celebrated director David Lynch stated that a new season of his beloved show Twin Peaks is under way. "HBO said ok", he wrote in the first tweet
"As creators of memetic engineering and regular users, it just feels natural to us" Igor Bogdanoff declared.
The fan's favoutire healer is getting deleted by Blizzard after failing to balance her...
Creator and founder of ‘Marvel’ was found unresponsive in his home. He was later pronounced dead at the age of 95.
Yes that is correct you don't have to have license no more